Your First Visit:

Once pregnancy is diagnosed, an initial visit with the nurse and the doctor is scheduled. A complete physical exam with a pap smear and cervical cultures will be performed. If medically necessary an ultrasound will be done. At every visit we will need a urine specimen to screen for infections, sugar, and protein. You will be given a folder full of information, and counseling will be provided at this visit. You should decide on whether or not you would like to have genetic testing prior to your next visit (See page in this packet on genetic testing options).

Your New OB Visit:
This visit is 4 weeks after your first visit. At this visit you will get a complete prenatal panel of bloodwork drawn. We will go over your complete history at this time. If you have any questions from this packet of information, bring them with you at this visit.
From the first trimester until approximately 26-28 weeks, you will be seen every four weeks or so unless you are having problems. From that point on you will be seen every other week up until 36 weeks at which point we will see you weekly. Remember your due date is + or – two weeks.
At 14-20 weeks you will be offered the Maternal Serum Screening and Cystic Fibrosis Screening to screen for chromosomal abnormalities and some various other potential birth defects. These are optional blood tests during your pregnancy. Please refer to the brochures included on these two tests, and feel free to ask any questions regarding them.
An official anatomical ultrasound will be done between 18 and 21 weeks. At this time we may be able to determine the gender of your baby, if you wish to know. Thereafter, ultrasounds are only done if medically necessary.
At 26-28 weeks we will give you a Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) screening test where you drink sugar water and your blood sugar is tested an hour later. If the test is abnormal you will have a three-hour diabetes test. Diabetes in pregnancy has many risks associated with it, therefore we test everyone, and some women will be tested earlier if they are at increased risk for GDM.
If you are RH negative you will also be checked for “antibodies” and will receive an injection of Rhogam at 28 weeks or if you have any bleeding during pregnancy.
At 35-36 weeks we will obtain a vaginal culture for Group B Strep. This infection can cause complications during delivery if left untreated.
A wide variety of classes are offered at Crouse Hospital….a brochure is included in this packet, and we encourage you to consider these valuable options.
More information on many of these topics can be found in this packet, or online at www.thewomenswellnessplace.com.

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