The WWP is now offering a procedure to stop heavy menses, which only requires a local anesthetic!

HYDROTHERMABLATION (HTA) is an out-patient procedure that will end your heavy periods.  A warm saline solution gently flows through the uterine cavity and "ablates" or shrinks the lining, leaving minimal tissue for regrowth each month and consequent heavy shedding and bleeding.

It is such a gentle procedure that you can literally watch while it is being done (if you want)!! The lining of the uterine cavity is not heat sensitive and therefore the pain is minimal.  Motrin is taken before and after as needed.

Amenorrhea (absence of further menses) occurs in 55% of women and regular, normal flow is restored in over 90%!!

Call for a consultation if you are interested.

By the way, a heavy flow is generally considered to be a pad or tampon change every 1-3 hours.  Other reasons for HTA are large clots, prolonged periods over 7 days, or periods less than every 21 days.

For more information please visit the following website: Boston Scientific

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