The amount of fluid you consume can make a big difference in your incontinence program. It could be a mistake to limit your fluid intake, thinking you will minimize the amount of urine in your bladder. Drinking too little fluid may make the urine too concentrated. The result is irritable voiding symptoms.

It is possible to drink too much liquid. Trying to lose weight, women sometimes drink large amounts of water or other fluids to decrease their appetite. Increasing fluid intake may have an impact on bladder control.

The color of urine can help determine if you are consuming a healthy amount of fluids. A normal urine color is pale yellow. If the urine is darker than that, you may need to increase the liquids. If the urine is clear, you may be taking in too much fluid.

Fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of water, so you may want to consider that as you manage your liquids.

Foods that Irritate Your Bladder

Many people don't know that certain foods or fluids are bladder irritants. Here is a list of those that might make your symptoms worse.

  • Products with caffeine, such as coffee, tea, cocoa, cola inks, Mountain Dew 
  • Tomatoes or any product with tomatoes
  •    Spicy foods
  •  Alcoholic beverages
  •  Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  •  Carbonated beverages
  •  Milk
  • Artificial sweetenersOver the counter stimulants or cough medicines

*Try removing these bladder irritants from your diet for a few weeks and see if you improve. Remove one irritant at a time and if you find that it does not make a difference, put it back into your diet. Remove caffeine slowly from your diet, some people have been known to develop headaches from cutting back too quickly.

Other Changes to Make:

Stop smoking: A chronic smoker's cough puts pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Cigarette smoking is also irritating to the lining of the bladder.


  *For more information on Healthy Bladder Diet, refer to our Anti-Oxalate Diet*

   Article Adapted from Hollister                                




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