"I am really at the end of my rope. I am gaining weight despite dieting and trying to exercise. It all goes right here in the middle. I never had a gut like this before. I don't even eat that much."

Aging can lead to weight gain until about 70 when weight loss is more the norm. Constant dieting however could be counterproductive. In a dieting situation the body resets energy requirements and then you actually gain easier. Dieting is a national obsession. We stress the perfect size not the perfect HEALTH. Yoyo weight gain, weight that goes up and down while dieting, is the norm and it is not because of lack of resolve or lack of trying.

                “Why can't I lose weight?” Up to 50% of people who are overweight have an eating disorder. So guess what? The problem isn't the right diet like Atkins, Scarsdale, Sugar Buster, etc., it is the psycho emotional problems and there are correct treatments that will lead to weight loss.

People use food as a drug to ease their pain, frustration and low self-esteem. One woman for example, said that her mother always cooked the largest meals when they were the most broke. Mothers pass their bad habits down - such as using food as a pacifier. Girls, especially, think that a perfect figure is the goal, not perfect health. It has been shown that overweight people get inferior jobs and lower grades. So obesity gets worse and worse because as your weight goes up your self-esteem goes down, down, down.

Some people eat to keep others away, especially those who have suffered sexual or emotional abuse. Most obese people are compulsive eaters. Get HELP with your emotional problem. Keep a food diary. When do you eat and what? What stressors make you run for food? Why would you continue to eat even though you know you shouldn't? Go for counseling. Your problem is not just what you eat. It is WHY you eat.

 Ask your physician for a complete physical to evaluate you for medical problems that could lead to weight gain such as thyroid, adrenal, and menopausal imbalances. Check your blood lipids and sugar. If you have high cholesterol or sugar you are in trouble. You will need help fast. Set a plan to increase your calories expended. Walk, Walk, Walk, swim or cycle, whatever gets your heart beat going and makes you sweat. The more you burn off the less you will gain.

Studies have shown time and time again that increased activity level not only keeps pounds off but decreases cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and many more maladies. Exercise is a great anti-depressant. You feel better and look healthier with color in your cheeks. You enjoy more regular digestion and sleep patterns.

 You will need to structure your eating plan. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Listen to your body. Spend extra time at the grocery store in the fresh fruits and veggies area. Cut out the excesses like too much alcohol, sweets, and caffeine. Don't buy cakes and cookies. Take a multivitamin for extra energy.

Low glycemic diets are the best all around diets for weight loss. Low glycemic diets help to prevent diseases associated with being overweight such as the Metabolic Syndrome which includes diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. The Zone Diet is one such low glycemic diet. Information on this diet is available at the WWP or in the book by Barry Sears. A Mediterranean type diet is excellent. Weight Watchers, a balanced calorie counting type diet, is tried and true. If going to meetings is too difficult, do in on line at www.weightwatchers.com. Bariatric surgery, to staple the stomach, is for dire cases. Remember for long term weight results this is good, but dizziness, gall stones, vomiting, and nausea can be frequent side effects.

Plan to lose 10% of your body weight the first year. Set that goal. When you fall of the wagon and eat too much, ask WHY?

* If you have any underlying diseases that may be attributing to your increased weight these will be addressed alongside your nutritional program and these visits should be covered by your insurance. However, if weight loss alone is your goal then your insurance company may not cover the bill and you will therefore be responsible.


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