For energy, heart, bone, and breast health, plus help with hot flashes.

This natural alternative to Hormone Therapy (HT) can be taken on its own or in combination with HT to ease your menopausal symptoms. The formula includes magnesium and calcium to promote strong, healthy bones and to help prevent bone loss associated with menopause. We've incorporated black cohosh, red clover, ginseng, and chastetree berry for plant derived estrogen-or "phytoestrogens" (the natural estrogens), which can provide relief from hot flashes, memory loss, and lack of energy. Another important ingredient is DIM -a very effective element in promoting healthy breast, uterine and cervical tissues. Green tea has been added as an antioxidant, helping to encourage long-term health and prevent certain female cancers. Rounding out the formula is a gel cap of evening primrose oil (EPO). EPO has become an important element in the treatment of female symptoms as it may help regulate hormones and improve nerve function, while contributing to healthy breast tissue. All of these ingredients together can make you feel like yourself again!

If you are considering going off conventional HT, we suggest that you start our menopause formulas two months in advance and then "wean" off your prescription dose by taking it every other day or take half the dose until it is gone. This will help your body get adjusted to the change in hormonal levels gently and give the supplements time to work. Always let your physician know if you are changing medications.

This formula is a convenient daily packet of 3 capsules and one soft gel. The calcium in the capsules is absorbed best if taken with food. We advise you to split up the package and take 2 with breakfast and the rest with another meal. These ingredients could never be purchased separately for such a reasonable price. Our pharmacy designed this packet to be economical and easy to take for busy women.

A 30-day supply is $30.00






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