Do you suffer from frustrating bladder control problems

InterStim Therapy is uniquely designed to help patients regain the freedom and control to live life on their terms.
Sacral neuromodulation using the InterStim Continence Control System is a minimally invasive therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the treatment of refractory urge incontinence in patients unresponsive to - or who could not tolerate - pharmacologic therapy, behavioral therapy, and pelvic floor rehabilitation.  For these individuals, InterStim Therapy represents a different approach that doesn't involve the inconvenience and side effects of drugs.
InterStim Therapy uses a small stimulation system, implanted under the skin, which provides electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves located near the tailbone.
Sacral nerves control your bladder function.  By gently stimulating the sacral nerves, InterStim Therapy helps restore urinary control.
Once the device is implanted, the stimulation can easily be adjusted or deactivated by yourself at home or by your doctor in a simple, in-office programming session.
The best way to determine if InterStim Therapy will work for you is to try a test stimulation.  Many patients have such dramatic relief from their symptoms during the test; they can't wait to have the permanent device surgically implanted.
How the test works:
A test stimulation is surgically placed under the skin near your tailbone.  The stimulation lead is attached to a portable stimulator that you can wear on your belt.  You then wear the portable stimulator for a few days to see how InterStim Therapy affects your symptoms.  If you get good symptom relief, long-term InterStim Therapy can be considered.


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