You have been diagnosed with a thinning of the skin around the genital organs called Lichen Sclerosis. Generally, a biopsy is done to establish this diagnosis.  The reason for this condition is unknown.  It can be seen in children, but is more commonly seen in women past menopause.  It cause drying and itching, and possibly bleeding from the thin skin.

 Effective treatments for this condition include steroid creams like clobetasol or Elocon.  Only a small amount is required at each application and should be thoroughly massaged into the affected skin. Please use a mirror to identify the areas which look thin and have decreased pigmentation. Do not vigorously rub the medication as it may cause bruising. A mass of ointment about half the size of a pea is sufficient to cover the entire labia major/minora and prepuce (clitoral area). This application is performed daily in the first 6 weeks of treatment and can be decreased later thereafter once an effect has been observed.

Maintenance therapy is likely mandatory and must be continued, or else the signs and symptoms will recur. Most cases will be controlled for an indefinite period of time by applying the medication only once or twice a week. The initial phase of the treatment, however, will require 4 to 6 months of intensive treatment. If any ulceration occurs with the use of Elocon, please discontinue the medication and call the office.



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