Live longer and live younger
Let us help you with:
Ø Weight management
Ø Lipid management
Ø Insulin resistance/diabetes/hypertension
Ø Lifestyle Modifications
Ø Nutritional recommendations and supplements
Ø Custom, bioidentical hormones
Ø Osteoporosis prevention and management
Your program will include things like:
Ø Physical exams
o   Body mass index measurements
o   Waist circumference
Ø Ideal body Weight guidelines
o   Regular weigh-ins
Ø Lab work
o   Blood work
o   EKG or other cardiac tests as needed
o   Saliva tests for bioidentical hormones
Ø Referral to other specialists for things such as:
o   Sleep apnea
o   Complex endocrine issues
o   Cardiac Problems
o   Chiropractic
Ø Exercise assessment and suggestions for programs
Ø Folder of information
o   Reference lists
o   Food Journal
o   Toxicity questionnaire/Purification
Ø Supplement information as needed
*** Biggest Losers – if you lose your goal weight, you will be added to our board of biggest losers!

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