A component of a blood test that is done at Women's Wellness Place is called a hematocrit and hemoglobin. The results of this test show if you have ANEMIA. The most common type of anemia is IRON-DEFICIENCY ANEMIA.

Most of our body's iron is contained in our blood. Iron-deficiency occurs whenever sufficient iron is lost from the body. This can happen easily in women due to monthly blood loss during the menstrual period and is the most common cause of iron-deficiency anemia in women.

Iron is needed to form hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lungs to the body cells.

Common symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia are tiredness and fatigue.

You can replace this iron with iron rich foods and/or iron pills. We will talk with you individually about the best way to handle your anemia.

Listed below are foods that are rich in iron: 

*almonds                *kidney beans           pork

*barley                    lamb                       potatoes

*beef                      *lentils                    prunes

beet greens              lettuce                    *prune juice

black beans             *lima beans             *raisins

broccoli                   liver                         sesame seeds

brussel sprouts         molasses                 *soybeans

chicken                    *mung beans            spinach

*chick peas              *oats                      *sunflower seeds

clams                      peanuts                    turkey

*dried dates             pinto beans              walnuts

endive                    plums                       watermelon

* Those foods which contain an especially high iron content.




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